Vaccination Programmes




Frequently Asked Questions

I struggle with my walking or use a wheelchair. What plans to you have in place for this?

We will have easily identifiable staff members and marshals who will “fast track” you so you won’t have to stand too long. If you don’t have your wheelchair, we will have one available and you will be able to use the drop off point outside the front of the Greenway Centre. We ask that you are dropped off and then picked up from the front of the Greenway Centre. Again, ask your driver to make themselves known to the marshals


My pharmacy has offered to do the flu jab and covid jab. Should I get it done with them?

We appreciate this may seem helpful however the simple answer is no. Funding for additional nursing hours is heavily reliant on the income generated from our Flu Clinic.  Pharmacy also don’t know which additional immunisations you are entitled to and can’t do these. We therefore urge you to book into one of our flu clinics rather than get it done at the pharmacy


The weather looks bad or it is raining. Should I come?

Absolutely. We really urge you not to cancel as we have put so much resource into organising the day. We simply won’t be able to jab everyone who cancels or doesn’t turn up. It nearly always rains on flu day by the way so please be prepared!


I am clinically extremely vulnerable and I am worried about coming.

We understand that for a number of people the past 12 months have been very frightening and difficult. If you are concerned in any way about having your flu jab, then please speak to the receptionist when you book. We have delivered an extensive covid vaccination programme and believe the way we have subsequently set up the flu clinics are the safest way we can do them for you the patients and our staff.


What if I am unable to make either of the clinic dates?

To ensure you receive your vaccine in a timely and efficient manner we strongly urge patients to make themselves available for one of the dates advertised. The clinics have been set up according to vaccine supply and allowing for appropriate staffing resource to provide a safe and efficient experience. If you are unable to attend one of the advertised dates it might mean you are waiting longer for your flu vaccine as the scheduling of additional clinics will depend on vaccine supply and staffing availability.