June 2024 Newsletter




Practice Development

Greenway practice is fairly unique in that each patient has a named GP who they will see for the majority of their GP appointments. We keep families with the same GP, so we get to know each other and in particular the family members medical history. This is the gold standard method of providing care by a GP. The team works very hard to provide continuity to guide you towards your usual GP. No one works harder on this than our fantastic group of Care Navigators, who deal with hundreds of calls every day. The Care Navigators are not clinically trained; however, they use the information you provide to guide you to the most appropriate person in the team. 


As the practice has grown, we have found an increasing demand from our new patients for same day appointments. Whilst we have adapted our service to manage this, we need all patients to understand that most problems can and should wait for their usual GP. To make sure this happens we have introduced a system where requests for more urgent care are screened and triaged by the duty team. Most of the time, you will booked with your usual GP at a later date.

To maintain access to appointments, it is important you try and wait for your usual GP. You must also ring in before 11.30am if you have a problem that can’t wait otherwise it is highly unlikely your problem will be looked at that day. Please Help us to help you.


Spring Booster

A new covid spring booster campaign will run between April and June to give added protection to those most at risk of getting seriously ill with covid.


People in the following categories are eligible for a spring booster vaccination:

  • Adults 75 and older (or will be 75 by 30th June 2023)
  • Adults living in care homes.
  • Anyone 6 months and older with a weakened immune system

The spring booster campaign began in April, and you will be offered an appointment between April and June with those at highest risk being called in first. 

You may receive a letter from NHS England inviting you to book at your nearest vaccination centre. Please do support us by having your booster at the surgery.

Our first Spring booster clinic was held on Saturday 11th May 2024. Further information on how to book your appointment has been sent out to eligible patients in the past few weeks.
Thank you for working with us to improve feedback.


Research - Beacon Study

Beacon is a Brain Training App for Cognition in adults with Long Covid. 

BEACON is open to anyone over 18 who has had Covid-19 and is experiencing problems with their memory or brain health. Examples include brain fog, unusual lapses in memory, problems concentrating and difficulty performing day-today tasks. You need to have access to a smartphone, device or computer with an internet connection and be able to speak English.

After reading an information sheet and giving consent to take part, you will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires and brain tests on your computer or device. You will then be randomly allocated to one of two groups and will have access to six brain training games. You can log in and play the games as often as you like.

To take part in the study, simply register at www.beaconstudy.org.uk, or download the BEACON App from your app store.


Greenway Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Who we are and what we do:

The PPG is a group of patients providing feedback and support to the practice to ensure good care for patients. We meet regularly at the practice.

If you'd like to know more, or give us feedback, contact us by email.

If you are interested in joining the PPG please contact us


Social Media

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We also offer a quarterly newsletter, available to read via the reception waiting area and the practice website greenwaycommunitypractice.nhs.uk 

For regular practice news, updates, and awareness campaigns.

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Right Care, First Time

Help patients access the “Right Care, First Time”

General practice is facing unprecedented pressure. Demand is exceeding capacity; patients are facing longer delays and abuse in practice is rising as a result.

The Institute of General Practice Management (IGPM) launch their campaign to try to reduce the burden on GPs by explaining why you don’t always need to see the doctor.

GP surgeries frequently now have teams of exceptionally skilled, qualified healthcare professionals who have the experience and competency to treat many of the patients who traditionally believe they need to see the GP.

  • Repeat medication queries are managed most effectively by pharmacists.
  • Sprains, sports injuries and muscle pains are treated by a Musculoskeletal specialist or physiotherapist.
  • Pregnancy tests or the morning-after-pill can be accessed via a Pharmacist.
  • Earache and sinuses can be managed by your Nurse Practitioner or Paramedic.
  • Your child is running an ongoing high fever that is not responding to medication, or you have a lump in your breast – your GP wants to see you.

Published: Jun 11, 2024