July 2021 Newsletter 




Practice Development

Care navigation first came onto our radar a few years ago through the General Practice Forward View. Whilst we have been signposting patients to the right clinician within the practice for a number of years, the opportunity to both improve our service to people by making sure they get the right help when they need it and also reduce pressure on GPs is something we are keen to progress.


Introducing our ‘Care Navigators’

Care Navigators are not just 'receptionists' and have a number of different hats to wear. Essentially the Care Navigator role is to actively listen, to signpost people to sources of help, advocacy and support, and to help people play an active role in managing their own health.

To assist this process please provide our care navigators with as much information as possible to ensure you see or speak to the right person at the right time for the right advice and care.

Over the coming weeks our team of Care Navigators will be going through care navigation training, learning about the key national health and wellness messages and how to support patients in navigating them to the most appropriate resource for their health care needs. We will also be refining the team’s skills in listening, asking questions, giving feedback and having emotional intelligence.



Active Brains Study

This is a study looking at prevention of memory problems in older adults. A website called ‘Active Brains’ has been developed to help older adults to look after their brain and body health to prevent cognitive decline. The website supports older adults to make simple behavioural changes such as increasing physical activity, playing brain training games and finding ways to eat more healthily.

This study will trial the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of ‘Active Brains’. The trial will recruit two groups of older adults:

  • those with signs of cognitive decline (but no formal dementia diagnosis)
  • those without any cognitive decline.


This is a type 2 diabetes trial.

It is looking at the benefits of texting behaviour change messages to patients with diabetes. Diabetic patients will be texted messages a few times a week certain behaviour changes that they can employ Their diabetes will be monitored to see if the text messages can improve diabetic control.



It brings us the greatest pleasure to let you know that Bristol has been awarded Gold Sustainable Food City status by the Sustainable Food Places partnership.

This award is for everyone – all the people and organisations who, through the power of good food, have been changing the lives of individuals, strengthening communities, boosting the local economy, and caring for nature and the planet.

Read more here


Access To Appointments

We are introducing a more open appointment system from the beginning of July which will allow better access for those patients who feel a face-to-face appointment is a better option. We have always tried to keep ahead of what is happening in other practices. These changes to the appointment system are again in an attempt to offer the best service we can to our patients.

It must be noted that this new appointment system will not work if patients demand to see the doctor on the day that they contact the practice when waiting a few days would be more appropriate. We need your help with this and to work with the care navigator who will be answering your calls.

The frequency of being directed to someone other than your usual GP is increasing as we have other health care professionals available e.g. practice pharmacists, care coordinators and social prescribers. Many of the consultations can and will still be appropriately dealt with on the phone.


Planning For The Annual Flu and Covid Booster Programme

Guidance is starting to be issued regarding the autumn covid booster programme and how this may potentially fit in with our flu delivery programme. As soon as guidance is received we will let you know how the practice will be administering these vaccine programmes. Our aim is to make it as smooth and convenient as possible.

Save the date

We have our annual flu day booked at the Greenway Centre for Saturday 18th September and Friday 8th October 2021.

Further communication will be sent out over the next few weeks with how those eligible can book appointments.

Please support us by attending for your flu vaccine with the practice rather than going elsewhere.


Self Care

Can the Pharmacist help with your symptoms?

The Pharmacist is a excellent source of advice for many  common aliments, such as:

  • Acne
  • Sprains & Strains
  • Soar Throat
  • Ear Ache
  • Common Cold
  • Sinusitis
  • Indigestion
  • Low Back Pain
  • Eczema
  • Heart Burn
  • Fever in Children
  • Headaches
  • Coughs in Adults
  • Constipation

NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation

We have recently engaged in the Community Pharmacists Consultation Service. This will allow you have a same day consultation with a Pharmacist. The Pharmacist will clinically assess and recommend the best treatment for you. If your symptoms are more serious they will assist you in seeing a GP. The service covers a wide range of conditions such as hay fever, eye and skin conditions and migraine to name a few. The Care navigation team will be able to signpost you when appropriate.

Locally Pharmacies have being running an advanced service to deal with Urinary Tract Infections for female patients (16-64yo), Impetigo, conjunctivitis and eczema. The Pharmacist will be able to issue a prescription if appropriate or refer you to your GP.


Who or What is a PPG?

The PPG is a group of patients who are volunteers working with the GP practice to improve health care services for local people. We help the practice to improve its services by:

  • Providing the viewpoints of patients on their experiences and concerns.
  • Raising patients’ awareness of health matters.
  • Enhance communications between the practice staff and patients.

What we have been doing recently.

This year the PPG was helped by Jade, the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Greenway. We had a digital display and social media resources posted to explain what the PPG does and how we would love new patients to Join us?

If you have any matters which you would like the PPG to discuss at its meetings please contact us via our secure online form


Easing of Covid Restrictions and Your GP Surgery

Face coverings and social distancing measures will remain in place in the practice so that the most vulnerable people can continue to safely attend for advice, care and treatment.

Appointments are being delivered face-to-face, online and over the telephone and you will be advised on the best approach for you.

Measures are in place to keep you safe from infection during your visit to the practice.

Patients/individuals should not attend the surgery if they have  symptoms of COVID-19 or are isolating as a contact/exposure.

If this is the case, please contact us by telephone or online via our website.

Patients attending for a face to face appointment are reminded to arrive for your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes before to ensure distancing within waiting area spaces is maintained.

Patients and accompanying persons will be triaged for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their appointment. Please ensure you are wearing a face covering.

We will update our approach as national guidance changes

Thank you for your support


Meet The Team

Hi my name is Kirstie and I am the new Reception Team Leader. I have worked at the practice for the last three years as a Receptionist/Care Navigator and have enjoyed progressing along the way.

I have followed into my mum’s footsteps as she used to work at Greenway Community Practice and still works within the NHS. Prior to starting at Greenway I had a supervisory post in retail hospitality.

I live local to the surgery and enjoy getting involved with the community. I am also a proud mother of a two year old girl.

Published: Jul 1, 2021