Ear Wax Removal




To make an appointment for Ear Microsuction please telephone our Care Navigation team on 0117 959 8939 

  • This service is only available to patients aged 8 years+, and who are not registered patients with Greenway Community Practice.

    The NHSE regulations 2015 sets out the basic exclusion in charging NHS patients for care. The practice therefore only offers this private microsuction service to non-registered patients. The regulations state that the practice must not, either itself or through any other person, demand or accept from any of its patients a fee or other remuneration for its own benefit or for the benefit of another person in respect of the provision of any treatment whether under the contract or otherwise, or a prescription or repeatable prescription for any drug, medicine or appliance. For further information  https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/1879/contents/made


What Is Microsuction

Microsuction is a wax removal technique using a precision suction apparatus to remove un wanted or obstructing skin cells and wax from the external auditory meatus (ear canal). We use surgical lenses (loupes) which provide binocular magnification so that the tip of the fine cannula (the suction tube) is always under direct vision. This technique contrasts with ear syringing where liquid is squirted into the ear to dislodge the wax. Microsuction is a more precise and gentle technique than ear syringing. Occasionally we may need to use other instruments to remove hard wax. The technique means that we can always see what we are doing and can avoid touching the skin of sides of the ear canal which can make the process a lot more uncomfortable.


What to Expect

Private ear wax clearance using Microsuction, is provided by specially trained nurses who will talk you through the procedure, show you the equipment and ask you to sign a consent form before we start. The Microsuction process can be noisy and occasionally make you feel dizzy. This usually passes within a few seconds. If you are having the procedure undertaken on both ears, it will take up to 30 minutes.


Why Microsuction Is Better 

Compared to traditional forms of wax removal (ear drops, irrigation or syringing) Microsuction is;

  • Safer
  • Quicker
  • Cleaner
  • Generally, better tolerated, with less side effects
  • More effective and likely to need only one appointment
  • Doesn’t need weeks of waiting for drops to soften the wax

Prior to the Procedure

It is important that you soften the ear wax by putting 2 drops of olive oil into the relevant ear/ears, twice daily, for five to ten days prior to your appointment.

So that you get the most from this, you must be lay down to do this. Please note that if you have not done this, and the wax is too hard to remove, you will still be charged for the procedure.


The charges for this service are:

  • 1 ear: £45.00
  • 2 ears: £65.00
  • Check only: £10.00 (no removal)

You will be required to pay in full, at the practice providing the service, immediately after the procedure taking place. The practice does not accept cash. We accept all major credit and debit cards. At the initial consultation if, when we assess you, we are unable to help you, we will perform a check on your ears and provide advice. You will be charged £10 for this service. If we are unable to complete a successful procedure you will be returned to the care of your GP who can refer you for further specialist help. If you cancel your appointment within 48 hours or do not attend, you will be charged £25.00. You will not be able to make another appointment until you have paid the missed appointment charge.