Online Proxy Access




What is proxy access?

Proxy access refers to access to online services by somebody acting on behalf of the patient and usually with the patient’s consent. To obtain formal proxy access a person must register at the practice for online access to the patient’s record, though the proxy does not have to be a registered patient at the practice.

Patients may choose to share their login details informally with family, friends and carers (including a care home).The practice has a responsibility to ensure that it is aware of the risks associated with doing this, including the disclosure of sensitive information when the patient registers for online services. 

The practice may give formal proxy access to a representative or representatives of a patient who is not competent. The doctor should carefully weigh the balance of benefits to the patient against the risks described in this guidance of proxy access for a patient who lacks capacity. Only then should proxy access be granted; after discussion with the patient’s family or person(s) named in a power of attorney or a Court Appointed Deputy, and if, after the discussion, the doctor believes it to be in the patient’s best interests. This may be a time consuming process.

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