Non-NHS Services




Private Meningitis B Vaccination Clinic

We offer a private meningitis B vaccination service for Non-Greenway patients. The clinic takes place on Wednesday at 5pm. If your interested please get in contact with the practice and leave your contact details. One of our GP’s will then call you back to book your appointment.


Other Chargeable Services

Not all services we provide are funded by the NHS. We are contracted by the NHS to look after your health under a medical services contract. Some items are not covered by this contract and will be charged for. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical examinations for work, travel or the DVLA
  • Insurance reports
  • Completing forms, e.g. passports, residency applications, proof of address
  • Medications and vaccines for travel
  • Private sick notes

You will be advised of non-NHS that will attract a fee before the work is completed. The fees we charge are based on the British Medical Association’s suggested scales and our Patient Services staff will be happy to help you. The surgery is registered for VAT and the majority of Non-NHS Services will attract VAT at the standard 20% rate. We accept payment in cash and  all card types.




  • Passport Declaration - *£30.00
  • Holiday Cancellation Certificate - *£30.00
  • Fitness to Fly -  *£42.00
  • Fitness to Exercise - *£42.00
  • Vaccination Certificate - *£20.00
  • Cremation Forms - £82.00

Medical Reports (no examination)

  • Written Medical report - *£130.00
  • Blue badge report - *£30.00

Medical Reports (with examination)

  • Examination (basic) and report (incl HGV, LGV, Pilot) - *£120.00

Copy Records

  • Access to or copy of medical records - No Fee

Private Tests

  • Hepatitis B Immunity Blood Test - *£30.00
  • Private Meingitis B Vaccination - £240.00


  • Letters with no additional work - *£30.00
  • Letters with additional work (add £20.00 per 15 mins) - *£30.00

Clinician Time

  • Private Consultation - £50.00
  • Private Blood Test - £30.00
  • Private Sick Note - £18.00
  • Private Prescription (including malaria prescription) - £18.00

PCT/Council Charges

  • Housing Questionnaire Reference - £30.00
  • Blue badge report - *£30.00

DWP/DSS Charges

  • Factual Report for Disability/Attendance Allowance - *£40.00
  • DS1500 Report - *£30.00


  • Driving Medical (Elderly) - *£102.00
  • Driving Licence Declaration - *£48.00

We are a VAT Registered Practice. Those fees marked with an asterisk * are shown inclusive of VAT at the standard current rate of 20%.