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Private Microsuction Clinic

This service is currently suspended due to COVID-19

The Practice provides a private microsuction clinic, which is an effective form of ear wax removal, available via appointment only. This clinic is currently every Wednesday from 9am – 12:30pm and Thursday from 11am – 4:15pm.

Please note that this service is only available to patients aged 8 years or more and who are NOT registered with Greenway Community Practice GP’s

Our Specialist Nurses are fully qualified and have over 20 years experience. 

Please call us on: 0117 959 8939 and speak to one of our medical care navigators

Prior to the procedure, it is important that you soften the ear wax by putting 2 drops of olive old into the relevant ears, twice daily, for 5 –7 days.

You must lie down to apply the oil and not apply cotton wool for the procedure to be effective. 


What Is Microsuction

Microsuction is a wax removal technique using a precision suction apparatus to suck un wanted or obstructing skin cells and wax from the ear canal.

We use surgical lenses which provide binocular magnification so that the tip of the suction tube is always under direct vision.

Microsuction is a more precise and gentle technique compared to ear syringing.

Occasionally we may need to use other instruments to remove hard wax. The technique means we can always see what we are doing and can avoid touching the skin on sides of the ear canal. 


Why Microsuction Is Better 

Ear Microsuction is the safest, quickest and most comfortable approach to cleaning ear canals using the latest medical technology.

Microsuction is:

  • Safer
  • Quicker
  • Cleaner
  • Generally better tolerated, with less side effects*
  • More effective
  • Doesn’t need weeks of waiting for drops to soften the wax

*The Microsuction process can be noisy and occasionally make you feel dizzy. This usually passes within a few seconds.


Price List

  • 1 ear: £40.00
  • 2 ears: £60.00
  • Missed Appointment: £20.00

Terms and Conditions

If we are unable to complete your treatment on your first visit, the nurse will offer a follow up call to arrange another appointment within 4 weeks of your initial consultation, free of charge. If we are unable to complete a successful procedure you will be returned to the care of your GP who can refer you for further specialist care. If you cancel you appointment within 48 hours or do not attend, you will be charged £20.00. You will not be able to make another appointment until you have paid the missed appointment charge.


This clinic is only for patients who are not registered with us for GP services. We can suggest another local provider if you are one of our registered patients – Fallodon Way Surgery – 0117 962 4692

Please call us for more information.


Private Meningitis B Vaccination Clinic

We offer a private meningitis B vaccination service for Non-Greenway patients. The clinic takes place on Wednesday at 5pm. If your interested please get in contact with the practice and leave your contact details. One of our GP’s will then call you back to book your appointment.


Other Chargeable Services

Not all services we provide are funded by the NHS. We are contracted by the NHS to look after your health under a medical services contract. Some items are not covered by this contract and will be charged for. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Medical examinations for work, travel or the DVLA
  • Insurance reports
  • Completing forms, e.g. passports, residency applications, proof of address
  • Medications and vaccines for travel
  • Private sick notes

You will be advised of non-NHS that will attract a fee before the work is completed. The fees we charge are based on the British Medical Association’s suggested scales and our Patient Services staff will be happy to help you. The surgery is registered for VAT and the majority of Non-NHS Services will attract VAT at the standard 20% rate. We accept payment in cash and  all card types.




  • Passport Declaration - *£30.00
  • Holiday Cancellation Certificate - *£30.00
  • Fitness to Fly -  *£42.00
  • Fitness to Exercise - *£42.00
  • Vaccination Certificate - *£20.00
  • Cremation Forms - £82.00

Medical Reports (no examination)

  • Written Medical report - *£130.00
  • Blue badge report - *£30.00

Medical Reports (with examination)

  • Examination (basic) and report (incl HGV, LGV, Pilot) - *£120.00
  • Power of Attorney (Examination and certificate) - *£132.00

Copy Records

  • Access to or copy of medical records - No Fee

Private Tests

  • Hepatitis B Immunity Blood Test - *£30.00
  • Private Meingitis B Vaccination - £240.00


  • Letters with no additional work - *£30.00
  • Letters with additional work (add £20.00 per 15 mins) - *£30.00

Clinician Time

  • Private Consultation - £50.00
  • Private Blood Test - £30.00
  • Private Sick Note - £18.00
  • Private Prescription (including malaria prescription) - £18.00

PCT/Council Charges

  • Housing Questionnaire Reference - £30.00
  • Blue badge report - *£30.00

DWP/DSS Charges

  • Factual Report for Disability/Attendance Allowance - *£40.00
  • DS1500 Report - *£30.00


  • Driving Medical (Elderly) - *£102.00
  • Driving Licence Declaration - *£48.00

We are a VAT Registered Practice. Those fees marked with an asterisk * are shown inclusive of VAT at the standard current rate of 20%.