July 2022 Newsletter




Practice Development

It’s almost time for your autumn vaccinations

From the 1st of August the practice will be launching a new covid vaccination service based at the Greenway Centre. This service was previously run by a Birmingham based pharmacist team called Barkhat Pharmacy. This is a fantastic opportunity for the practice to provide an ongoing vaccination offer to the local community and will allow us to strengthen our offer of both covid and flu vaccinations over the autumn and winter. In addition to this new service offer, we plan to release dates soon of when patients will be able to book in to attend one of our big vaccination clinics at the surgery – details will be shared on our website. For those unable to attend one of our designated flu/covid vaccination clinics, we are pleased to be able to offer the vaccination service at the Greenway Centre that will be bookable via the national booking system. Please continue to support the practice by getting your vaccinations done by the practice team at one of these sites. 


Our NHS Health Checks are back up and running!

The NHS Health Check is a check-up for adults in England aged 40 to 74. It's designed to spot early signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and dementia. As we get older, we have a higher risk of developing one of these conditions. An NHS Health Check helps find ways to lower this risk.

Why not book in for one via reception?


Greenway Patient Participation Group (PPG).

It has been a difficult few years for everyone but the Greenway PPG has continued to meet online to support the Practice in its work of caring for patients. We are very grateful for the level of care Greenway Practice has managed to provide. We are a group of patients who act as a link between you and Greenway Community Practice.

What we do

  • Ask for your Feedback, listen to you and share your views with the Practice
  • Meet regularly with Practice staff to support the continuing developing of our Practice
  • Highlight wider NHS issues to help protect services

Have your say

You will see a table outside Lloyds Pharmacy and the Reception area with ‘Have your say’ slips on it. We are keen to be as representative of the patient population as possible so please fill in a slip with your questions or comments and put them in the box at reception and we will try to respond to them or feedback through our patient participation group via our secure online form.


Abigail Taylor

Meet the Team - Dr Abigail Taylor

I’m excited to be a new recruit to the excellent team at Greenway. I studied in Oxford before moving to Bristol for my medical training, and have been working in North West Bristol since qualifying as a GP. I have a research background in mental health and am also particularly interested in care of the elderly, skin problems, and problems of the ear, nose and throat.

However I love caring for the whole family and the diversity of working in general practice. In my spare time I enjoy tending to my allotment, wild swimming, cycling, and caring for my pet chickens!



Formal medication reviews are conducted for each patient on an annual basis. Often this is done behind the scenes and patients may not be aware.

The IMMP study is a clinical trial looking at how practice pharmacists and GPs, with the help of a new computer tool, can work together to improve the use of medicines in patients who are prescribed multiple medications in primary care.

Gps and practice pharmcists will be working to deliver a polypharmacy medication review to 50 patients using a new software tool. The patients will be chosen by a computerised system and reviewed.

The pharmcist will review the patients notes and medictaions and will then discuss with the GP. A clincial medication reveiw will then be conducted with the patient and any follow up required can be arranged.

This is an addition to our usual annual medication reviews and hopefully will help reduce medication waste, safety in prescribing, side effects and patient satisfaction.


Self Care - Hayfever

There are several things you can do to avoid contact with pollen and so lessen your symptoms

  • Stay inside when pollen counts are highest - between 5pm - 7pm and 7am -9am.
  • Keep windows closed when sleeping.
  • Keep pollen out of your home by vacuuming and damp dusting regularly.
  • Wear close fitting sunglasses when going outside.
  • Try and avoid areas with high pollen counts e.g. freshly cut grass.


If you require treatment for hayfever please speak to your local pharmacist.

Published: Jul 29, 2022