Private Microsuction Clinic

**This service is currently suspended due to COVID-19**

The Practice provides a private microsuction clinic, which is an effective form of ear wax removal, available via appointment only. This clinic is currently every Wednesday from 9am – 12:30pm and Thursday from 11am – 4:15pm. This clinic is only for patients who are not registered with us for GP services. We can suggest another local provider if you are one of our registered patients – Fallodon Way Surgery – 0117 962 4692

Please call us for more information.

Private Meningitis B Vaccination Clinic

We offer a private meningitis B vaccination service for Non-Greenway patients. The clinic takes place on Wednesday at 5pm. If your interested please get in contact with the practice and leave your contact details. One of our GP’s will then call you back to book your appointment.

Practice Nursing Services

Social Prescribing

The clinicians are able to refer patients to the team at the Greenway Centre. They can arrange a number of activities to help insure your physical, metal and social well being. These include referrals for social isolation/loneliness, practical support needs (e.g. letter writing for welfare cases, benefit help, housing, debt, work etc.), bereavement, need for improved self-care (e.g. diet and exercise), low confidence and self-esteem (including mild-moderate depression and anxiety).

We are only able to offer Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A and Typhoid which are free to NHS patients. For more information on how to book travel vaccinations please click HERE.

Cervical Screening

All women between 25-65 years are included in the recall system when they register and are invited to attend for a smear at least every 3 years.

Child Immunisation Clinic

Every Wednesday afternoon, from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm. This clinic is run by the Practice Nurses and offers all the necessary childhood vaccinations as recommended by the Department of Health National Guidelines.

Health visitors

There is a session at Badocks Wood Children’s Centre, Doncaster road on Thursdays 9.30 am – 11 am which is good for feeding advice, growth and developmental concerns or queries.

Diabetes Clinic

Patients with diabetes are reviewed twice yearly and are offered advice on their lifestyle, diet and treatment. Dr Collenette is our Diabetic Lead. If you want to know more about diabetes take a look at the British Diabetes Association website. Lori and Sandy (Practice Nurses) run these clinics along with the help of the HCA’s.

Personal and Sexual Health

GPs and nurses provide a full range of contraception and sexual health care including the contraceptive pill and injection, emergency contraception, coil fitting, coil checks and long-acting contraceptive implants. We also offer a full range of tests for sexually transmitted infections.

Teen Health Checks

Young people (13-17 years old) are invited to book a Teen Health Check appointment with the Nurse. In addition to being offered a Tetanus/ Polio/ diphtheria Booster vaccination, young people can discuss their own health concerns, including confidential issues, with a nurse in private.

Health Care Assistants (HCAs)

Our trained HCAs take blood, measure blood pressure, test urine samples, undertake simple dressings, and measure weight and height. In addition our HCA’s are trained to do spirometry tests and give certain injections such as B12’s.

Vascular Disease Clinic

An annual appointment is offered where lifestyle advice is given, drug therapy monitored and blood tests reviewed. Learn about a healthy heart at the British Heart Foundation website. Lori and Sandy (Practice Nurses) run these clinics with the help of the HCA’s.

Stop Smoking Advice

We offer advice and support on how to give up smoking, offer follow up appointments and can prescribe Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or medications as appropriate. Did you know that you are 3 more times likely to give up with support? Visit the Giving Up Smoking website. Mo Walmsley is our stop smoking advisor. Her clinics are Monday mornings from 9am-1pm.

Weight Management

We are able to offer individualised support if you would like to lose weight either with a practice nurse or our Health Trainer. We can also refer you ‘free of charge’ to Weight watchers or Slimming World.

Respiratory Clinic (including asthma)

Patients with asthma and chronic obstructive airways disease (COPD) are reviewed annually and are offered advice on their lifestyle and treatment. Julie Prior (Practice Nurse) runs these clinics along with the support from our HCA’s.

Teaching & Learning

Part of our Practice philosophy is to be a teaching and learning Practice and we are constantly developing that aspect of the Practice. Students from different disciplines, and at different stages of training, have always been welcomed in the Practice.

Both our District nursing team and our Practice nurses have been responsible for supervising student nurses. We continue to provide work experience for school students some of whom are contemplating a career in medicine.

Throughout the year we have medical students from the University of Bristol spending time in the Practice. They will often sit in clinics with our doctors and nursing staff. You will be asked your permission to have a student in your consultation and we would encourage you to help us with this teaching, as it will help us to train the doctors of tomorrow. Of course if you would rather see the doctor or nurse alone please let us know. Dr Statter leads on this area.

We are responsible for supervising the training of junior doctors who are attached to the Practice, some of whom will be specialising in General Practice (GP Registrars) and some of whom are nearer the start of their careers (Foundation Year doctors ). These doctors will have their own clinics and patients can book with them. They are important members of the team and are generally very up-to-date. They often offer appointments that are longer than 10 minutes and are also able to do home visits. They are supervised by their Trainer and may ask advice during a clinic. Dr Grimshaw is our Trainer.

We were joined by Dr Flexer, a GP Registrar, in May 2018 finishing her training to be a GP having already worked in hospital and other practices and she will be with us for 2 years. She is in the Practice part time, spending the other half of the week looking after her family.

We have recently started training research students for the university of West England. We will have a rolling programme of nursing students with us at the Practice. Once again if you feel uncomfortable with a nursing student being in your consultation then please just let us know.

We believe that as a practice we are very well placed to help with training the next generation of doctors and nurses to become the sort of Clinicians that we and our patients would want. We hope all our patients will embrace and enjoy this exciting new development and that our future Registrars, Foundation year doctors and Nurses will enjoy their time training with us.