Register with us as a New Patient




Registering you and your family with Greenway Community Practice

Registration forms are available to complete online below, these forms are also available from our Patient Services desk. To register you will be required to complete a registration form. Our friendly Patient Services team are on hand to help or answer any of your questions.

You can upload some form of ID to the registration form that will help to ensure the correct matching of a patient to the NHS central patient registry, thereby ensuring any previous medical notes are passed onto us. Please see below to see the type of documents which can be accepted.

If you live outside our ‘practice area’ you can apply to be registered as an ‘out of area patient’. This service is intended for patients where it is more convenient for them to attend a GP further away from their home address, for example, because it is close to work.

The registration is at our discretion and if we feel that after registering you, your care needs are more complex, then we can review your registration and ask you to register at a GP closer to home. If you live outside of the practice area (catchment) we will be your registered doctor but under the out of area guidance we are not required to provide you with a home visit. In this instance, if you require a GP and are too unwell to attend, contact the practice in the first instance. If we determine that you need access to services local to where you live we would ask you to call NHS 111.


Check to see if you are in our Practice area!


Registration Forms


Acceptable Documents For Registration

Group 1: Photo Identification (to prove who the person is)

1 example is required

  • Passport
  • EU National Photo Identity Card
  • Photo Driving Licence
  • HM Forces ID Consultant Cardiologists
  • Firearms Licence (UK)

Group 2: Documentation to prove the persons address and date of birth

1 example is required 

  • Marriage/Civil Partnership Certificate (if the applicant is claiming for a Spouse or partner)
  • Financial Statement (e.g. pension, ISA) **
  • Birth Certificate
  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • P45/P60 Statement **
  • Court Claim Form **
  • Utility Bill (electricity, water, gas) *
  • Telephone Bill / Mobile Phone Contract *
  • TV Licence **
  • Addressed Payslip *
  • Credit Card Statement *
  • Store Card Statement *
  • Bank Statement *
  • Mortgage Statement **
  • Benefit Statement * (E.g. Child Allowance or Pension)
  • Insurance Certificate **
  • Certificate of British Nationality
  • Council Tax Statement **
  • Work Permit/Visa **
  • Letter from Educational Establishment confirming course details for an overseas student 

* Document should be less than 3 months old
** Issued within the last 12 months 


Register for Online Booking & Prescriptions

If you would like to use the online booking appointment system please come into the surgery and ask a Care Navigator. Please bring some form of identification (photo ID or proof of address). We can then register you to patient access and a letter will be printed for you, with all the information you need.

You will be provided with your Access ID and your PIN along with the Practice ID to sign up.

After registering click here to visit the Patient Access website


Out Of Area Registration

You can still register even if you are not within our Practice area. (Subject to approval)
Please complete and return the below consent form along with your registration forms, if you are out of our catchment area.