Annual Flu Day 2019

Our Annual flu day was a brilliant success! The GPs and  Nurses gave 869 jabs! A massive increase on the 783 in 2018. I think the real heroes were all those braving the atrocious weather, for their jab and cup of tea. We had stalls, free hot drinks, local charities and so many smiley Patients! One of the highlights was the cake stall raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The final total money raised was £203. ‘Knit and Natter’ were also there promoting the club, chatting away with patients, and somehow flawlessly knitting a cardigan at the same time!  The PPG were recruiting new members, and showing off the fantastic accomplishments the group have achieved. Not only did the patients have a great day but the staff always enjoy it too!

“Can’t believe that many people came through the torrential rain! Thank you to everyone…for next year, could someone arrange a sunny day….” – Dr. Anna Collentte (Partner)

“It was very well run and organised I thought it was really nice to try and make the day a social thing/opportunity to share local resources and groups which could help people” – Anonymous Patient

“It was a really great day with a good community feel. Everyone was in good spirits and it was a pleasure to greet and check in patients.” – Anita (Receptionist)

The clinicians are still jabbing away but we still have lots of patients to vaccinate. So make sure you book in with us soon!

We hope to see you next year at the exciting event. The more the merrier! Maybe next year we can achieve the golden number of 1000 patients!