Drugs and Alcohol Abuse




Bristol Roads

ROADS (Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs Service) is a new more flexible service to help people in Bristol who are tackling drug and alcohol problems. Building on the previous service, it has been designed to join up treatment and support services more effectively to help people move from dependence on drug and alcohol to good health and a stable and positive lifestyle.

BDP (a service that was previously used) has joined partnerships along with several other services to create Bristol ROADS Support Service.

image depicting addiction

Support from the ROADS service include the following:

  • Extra and more flexible treatment to support people to focus on recovering from their dependency on drugs and alcohol.
  • A programme of support to stop people from relapsing including group work and access to an online support programme called Breaking Free Online.
  • A range of housing support will be provided for different stages of their recovery.
  • Opportunities for people to get work experience, including volunteering opportunities and access to training and education.
  • A range of support for families of people with drug and alcohol problems.
  • Access to a range of mutual aid options/self-help groups, including SMART and 12 Step Fellowships.
  • The service will be committed to meeting the needs of a diverse community.

For more information please visit the website below or call: 0117 916 6588