Domestic Violence and Abuse





This is a domestic violence and abuse aware practice

We know that for many victims of domestic abuse the GP practice is the only safe place they can go without their violent partner or family member present. We also know that many people concerned about how they are treating their partner or other family members also go to see their GP.

We are currently working with the University of Bristol to pilot IRIS+. 

IRIS+ is a new domestic violence and abuse support service

image depicting abuse

Our GPs, nurses and other staff have had specialist domestic violence training. They are able to refer consenting patients who may be men, women and children to a specialist IRIS+ support workers. The IRIS+ support workers can offer emotional and practical support and will help you to access a range of specialist services.

If you would like support because:

  • you are being hurt or frightened by someone at home
  • you are worried your behaviour may be hurting or frightening someone you live with

Then please talk to our clinicians. 

Please look for IRIS+ posters or leaflets in our surgery. If you would like more information please ask our clinicians.

You can find out more information about the IRIS+ pilot at the following website