Covid-19 Antiviral Treatment




Treatments are available for those the NHS considers at highest risk of developing severe COVID-19.

Detailed information for patients can be found here

Patients will no longer be automatically contacted by the NHS about treatments after reporting a positive Covid-19 test result because the National digital system is no longer active.

From 27 June 2023, patients potentially eligible for treatment will be able to access the service locally through their GP practice in the first instance who will then refer the patient to the Covid Medicine Delivery Unit (CMDU) service for assessment.

Outside of GP opening times, patients can contact NHS 111 for referral. If patients are unable to reach their local GP, they can contact their hospital specialist, if they have one.

If they are eligible for treatment, the CMDU will assess the patient and if treatment is required, will prescribe a course of antivirals, or arrange for the patient to come in for the infusion.

Patients who are assessed as not eligible will be informed of this by the CMDU triage service.


COVID tests

From 6 November 2023, patients eligible for Covid-19 treatment can collect free rapid lateral flow tests from your local pharmacy. Your pharmacy may ask you about your medical history to confirm that you are eligible for free tests.


What are the Treatments Available?


Antiviral medications inhibit viral replication and prevent progression of infection.

Neutralising Monoclonal Antibodies (nMABs)

nMABS are synthetic monoclonal antibodies that bind to the spike protein of the Covid virus, which prevents entry into the host cell and replication.


WHERE will they be used?

A CMDU Service has been set up in two GP practices within BNSSG (Mendip Vale Medical Practice and Concord Medical Centre). A clinical assessment team within these GP practices will screen and review patients for their suitability for specialist COVID treatments. These two practices also have an Infusion Unit where they can administer the antiviral or nMAB via an intravenous infusion for the treatment of COVID-19 if most appropriate choice for the patient.