Covid-19 Antiviral Treatment




Treatments are available for those the NHS considers at highest risk of developing severe COVID-19.

Patients will be identified as high risk at the point of a positive Lateral Flow test and be sent an email and/or SMS text to inform them of this.

If eligible for treatment, the designated Covid Medicine Delivery Unit (CMDU) will arrange for the patient to come in for the infusion, or a course of antivirals will be sent to the patient.

Patients who are assessed as not eligible will be informed of this by the CMDU triage service and offered remote monitoring via Oximetry@home.

Digitally identifiable, eligible patients will receive a letter from NHS England and NHS Improvement to inform them of the change and remind them about treatments with an initial supply of 7 LFD tests in the post.

Anyone who does not receive their test kit, or needs further test kits, should order them via the Government website or by calling 119.

It remains essential that patients report their test results (negative or positive) via the Government website or 119 to assist in digital identification, timely access to treatment and wider surveillance. Results of privately bought tests cannot be registered.

Detailed information for patients on the NHS website.