About the Patient Participation Group




We are a group of patients who are volunteers working with the GP Practice to improve health care services for local people. We help to bring the “community” into the Greenway Community Practice.

PPG Logo

Our group of ordinary patients help the Practice improve its services by:

  • Providing the viewpoints of patients on their experiences and concerns, encouraging and challenging the Practice to improve services;
  • Raising patients’ awareness of health matters;
  • Enhancing communication between the Practice staff and patients.

The Patient Group has identified that its priorities are to:

  • Provide the patients’ perspective on changes in the Practice’s services.
  • Raise patients’ awareness and understanding of the changes in the NHS and how this affects them.

We are all different and have different health needs during our lives. We welcome new members and hope to reflect the diversity of the community that the practice serves.

To find out more about the PPG please speak to a member of the Practice team or email us using our secure online form