The History behind Staff Awards

The Brick Award – The brick award. Is a literal brick. Surprised?

When the foundation of the Greenway Community Practice building was being laid the intention was to award someone with the brick and literally place it as being part of the foundation of the building. However as time went on the partners decided to make it a symbol of there thanks for someone who has been dedicated to working for Greenway. And so the tradition started. The brick award has been given to someone every year from the day the Greenway building started to be constructed.


The Betty Boop Award – Is a Betty Boop, in a black dress, on a stand with a microphone in her hand.

One of our Ex Practice Managers (Rose) gave this award to the nursing team before she left. This was with the motive that the award would then continue to be handed out each year to a team that has preformed exceedingly well together.