Meet Dr. Yoong - Maternity Locum

You may have heard of the fantastic news, that Dr. Cleverly has now had her Baby. This means however, she has gone on maternity leave!

It can be hard seeing a different GP for a while, especially when you’re used to your own doctor! However sometimes circumstances change! And in this case Dr.Cleverly had a baby.

Just because she is on leave, doesn’t mean we don’t want to continue our personalised patient lists. So, Dr. Patrice Yoong will be covering for Dr. Cleverly, to prevent our patients from seeing a different GP every time they come to the Practice over the next few months. Some of you have already met her. And others may not have even realised she is covering for Dr. Cleverly’s Maternity Leave! Either way we thought a little about Dr. Yoong would help with the temporary transition.

Here is a little about her:

“I qualified as a doctor and moved to the South West in 2009.  I enjoyed working in a wide variety of hospital specialities before completing my GP training and working in practices as a GP locum.  My husband and I have recently returned to Bristol after a wonderful experience of living and working in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia for 18 months.  I am now currently covering Dr Cleverly’s maternity leave. I enjoy the breadth of general practice and my interests include sexual and reproductive health, mental health and paediatrics.  Outside of work, I enjoy long walks, yoga and baking.”

Dr. Yoong has already become popular with her patients and is settling in very nicely. We hope you make her feel welcome and we look forward to continuing to work with her.