Successful Flu Day

We had a very successful flu day on Saturday 30th September. We were able to vaccinate 890 patients on just that one morning. We are still making our way through hundreds of our patients. We hope everyone who attended enjoyed it as much as we did!

We have put up a few photos on our facebook page of the day! Check them out here at: 


Friday Evenings

We have made the decision to close half an hour earlier on Friday evening following analysis of patient contacts over a 6 week period.

In the 6 week period we found that we had

  • 6 patients collecting prescriptions,
  • 3 patients requesting a prescription,
  • 1 patients booking an appointment
  • 1 patient requesting to see a clinician

Although each of these patient contacts is important we felt that it would be better to move this time to earlier in the week where there is much more demand. Therefore additional capacity has been added to Wednesday evenings

So from now, the surgery will shut at 6.30 rather than 7pm. Thank you for your understanding.


Flu Season is here again and we are now taking bookings.

Our current Flu Day will be on: Saturday 30th September at the Greenway Centre, in the main hall.

Please call reception on 0117 959 8939 after 10am to book your appointment.

People who are eligible:

  • Over 65’s
  • If you are Pregnant
  • If you have a chronic illness (e.g: asthma, COPD, diabetes etc)
  •  If you are a registered carer
Not sure if you or your child are eligible? Visit the NHS Website below, or give us a call.
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