Good Things and Great Greenway

Looking over the last 8 months Greenway has accomplished a lot. And we are pretty proud of that.

We have recently launched our new website along with our new logo! We have been voted as Best Practice in Bristol … Again. We have also had a lot of new additions to the Greenway Team including; 3 receptionists, a Practice Business Manager, a Practice Clinical Pharmacist, a Registrar and a Phlebotomist. And don’t forget the 3 babies that have entered into the world and one more that is still in the oven! (Can you guess who’s pregnant?!)

Training is also a major part pf our Practice ethos. We have had our first ever Nursing Student who was with us for 6 weeks assisting in clinics. More Dementia Awareness training has been completed by staff so we can continue to be a dementia friendly Practice.  Micro suction has become a huge demand and so we have trained 2 more nurses in this skill. All of this (and more) has contributed to Greenway being nominated for “Best Teaching Practice of the Year 2018”.

We have had new computers and servers. We were also one of the first Practices in Bristol to start using a piece of software called “DOCMAN 10” This is an application that helps us to be more efficient with patients letters that get sent to us! It’s a lot! So this has helped us to speed up the process and try to make life a little easier for everyone!

This is just a snip-it of what we have accomplished over the last 8 months with the view to doing a lot more over the rest of the year. Our focus is our patients and they are the most important thing. We hope that this gives you a little idea of the things that go on in the background to give you the best expert patient care possible.