Annual Awards 2018

Where has this year gone? How is it almost 2019? Many people, at this time a year like to look back on all the things they have achieved. Looking at the positive things and feeling proud, and looking at how you have grown as a person, or in our case, as a Practice.

So much has happened and we celebrated all of this with our Annual End of Year Curry Lunch! This is a time where the practice unite, enjoy a good curry, munch on poppadoms and relish in team spirit and the accomplishments of the year. It’s also a time of looking forward at how we can have an even more successful year next year. Learning from 2018’s experiences and applying those lessons to 2019.

Who got the awards this year??

We are pleased to announce that the team to win the ‘Betty Boop’ award for 2018 goes to: The Operational Managers!

Its been a tough year, with lots of changes to teams and job roles. And the Practice would not have run as smoothly without these ladies! The team consist of 4 members: Beverley Shadbolt – Operation manager for Reception, Alison Garrod – Operational Manager for Quality, Beverley Walker – Operations Manager for Finance & Estates and Lori Adams Practice Nurse Manager.

What about the Brick Award??

Congratulations to Sandy Halliwell – Practice Nurse, for winning the ‘Brick Award’!

She has been part of the team for over 10 years! She was part of the team before we even moved into the building here at Greenway! She really is part of the foundation of Greenway Community Practice. And the patients love her and her kiwi accent!

Want to know the history behind the ‘Betty Boop’ award and the ‘Brick’ award? – click here for more info!

That’s all for now!

Merry Christmas to all our staff and patients from Greenway Community Practice!